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"Our mission is to promote sustainability by turning trees into usable materials for makers."

We never cut trees down but we do try to save them from going to landfills

or from becoming wood chips!

About Us

about TIMBER

There are many reasons that trees must be removed. Sometimes they become unsafe due to disease and other times they cause foundation issues because they are planted to close to homes. Whatever the reason, we hope to help the trees live on! Our goal is to turn these trees into usable material for makers and artisans so they can exist for many years to come. 

Our inventory is located in Bakersfield, Ca. We can also ship product if needed. Ask us how!

Timber origins

Brian and Tim have known each other for over 35 years. Neighbors since kindergarten, they both have "the dirt" on each other! They have worked together on many projects but their passion for building things came together around wood! They started with a Granberg Alaskan Mill and now use many different types of machinery to cut wood. The business really took hold and they decided to start TIMBER (Tim and Brian = TIMBER) CUSTOM WOODS.

Search for Logs

We are constantly searching for wood that will make nice furniture pieces. If you have something you think may be of interest, please reach out! We will be happy to pay you a finders fee if it is something we can use.

Load and Remove

We work with land owners, home owners, or businesses to safely, promptly, and considerately remove logs. We will bring machinery or hire the needed resources to make this safe and efficient for all.


We then transport the materials to one of our locations for storage or further processing. 


We can cut logs into any useable dimensions. We most commonly mill to 4/4 (1") or 12/4 (3") thickness but we also have some inventory in other thicknesses. Most of our milling is done at our Central CA location but we can work onsite if needed.


One thing that is important to us is to be able to share the story of each tree. We assign inventory numbers and tracking history to each piece in our inventory. If you would like to know the history on your special piece, please ask us!

Custom Projects

Please reach out to us with any special project or custom work you are interested to have completed. We are happy to work with you to help make your project perfect! 

What We Do


Varieties & Products

Species commonly in inventory include:

Acacia - Ash - Black Walnut - Cedar - Eucalyptus - Cypress - Elm - English Walnut - Olive - Pine - Redwood - Silver Maple - Sycamore - Valley Oak

Types of Products:

- Live Edge Slabs

Cookies (round end grain slices)

Custom Cuts


Species and Products

Photo Gallery

Black Acacia Dining Table

Black Walnut Desk

English Walnut Floating Shelves

Claro Walnut Side Table








By appointment only.

Please send a message or give us a call!




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